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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The music to this commercial is all over the place in terms of genre and style. The song is clare Maguire's 'aint nobody' remixed by breakage - a major dubstep artist. Over the top carefully selected samples from 21st century generation and the 80s generation are included - enforcing a wide range of consumers to associate better. It is dark and evil, whilst at the same time being so seductive and enticing.
This advert has improved 10 fold on renaults pervious execution which was simply 'va va voom'. It has put the clio in a class of its own.

Thought provoking text...

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Poetry & Copy

Father wears his Sunday best,
Mothers tired she needs a rest,
The kids are playing up downstairs.

Sisters sighing in her sleep,
Brothers got a date to keep,
He can't hang around.

Our house it has a crowd,
Theres always something happening,
And it's usually quite loud.

Our mum she's so house proud,
Nothing ever slows her down,
And a mess is not allowed.

I remember way back then when,
everything was true and when,
we would have such a very good time,
such a fine time - such a happy time.

And I remember how we'd play,
Simply waste the day away,
And then would say nohing could come between us,
Two dreamers.

Our house, in the middle of our street.

Virgin media, a more exciting place to live.

Set a new style.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The bestest sweets in the world!

The sweets are now the actors in a small life drama, quite like a soap opera, no need for human beings!

This follows classic storylines to do with death, love, and relationships. This is not only funny, but it is perfect to engage the consumer by making an imaginary world. The storyline helps to pull the consumer in so much, that they will want to watch the next part and the next and so forth. They may even be watching the stories in between watching actual sopa operas in the evening.

The key factor that makes Natural Confectionary Co.'s work stand out is that they have used the product to advertise itself. By personifying a sweet, adding funny & quirky personalities, people become more open to feeling something for the product.


    Semiotics is the study or signs and visual communication through signification. The practice is often seen to be anthropological because it works with and for social values.
    Often, the signs involved play on myths well known to a society. This enforces the ideas that there is some truth in what is being shown and it conjures up images in the consumers head.
  • Agency: Abott Mead Vickers, BBDO, London
  • Creative Director: Peter Souter
  • Copywriter: Tom Carty
  • Art Director: Walter Campbell
  • Budget - £6million
  • Release: 17th March 1999

'Surfer' is an advertising campaign launched in 1999 to promote Guinness draught stout. The commercial shows a Hawaiian surfer's face to start. The look in his eyes is the aspect that draws the viewer in, and the music starts. Music by Leftfield, song Phat Planet. The group of surfers are waiting for the perfect wave. The slow, heartbeat-like music adds to the tension. The narrator refers to timing "tick to the tock to the tick..." exaggerating the space in between each second of anticipation. As it arrives, the crashing waves of power and strength turn into actual horses. One by one, a surfer is engulfed, leaving only one, who manages to conquer the wave. The others join him as they celebrate on the shore.

The advert was in reference to Walter Crane's 1893 painting "Neptune's Horses", a well known myth that society knows.