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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

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  1. This advert refers to the boredom and tediousness of doing work. With walls covered by books, a lady at reception and there is no noise apart from ticking of a clock- it clearly shows a library which as everybody knows is the perfect place to study.

    The first shot pans across, passing a clock that emphasises the time constraints and the noise of time ticking.
    Frustration appears on the young mans face as he looks into his books and time still ticks on.

    The bird represents another aspect of time well know, the cuckoo. Instead of this one coming out of a clock however, it fires straight at the guy out of the wall. (much more effective)

    The bird is coloured in blue for a direct visual contrast to the orange colours that Irn Bru are known for.

    The aggresiveness of the voice from the bird assures the product to be strong and vigorous. the voice is also in a scottish accent for a reason, as Irn Bru is brewed in glasgow.

    Upon researching the product i also found out that the 32 stands for 32mg of caffine content. This is well thought through brand design on Irn Bru's part.